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2008-09-20 03:13:43 by Zhandax

Hi, I'm zhandax and im brand new to Newgrounds. I've been visiting for quite some time now to get music off of the portal and watch occasional toons but have only just decided to actually make an acount. I will visit regulary and check out my animations!

also, I'd appriciate it if someone could tell me how to make music? i think it's Audacity but im not sure.


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2008-09-20 03:31:31

Audacity is a sound editing program, but I guess it could be used to make music too.

anyways, here's a nice little NG guide to audio: udio

Zhandax responds:

thanks man!


2008-09-22 03:56:52

Welcome to Newgrounds ^^

Thanks for your mention of me in your review of music...

Sometimes whenever I listen to music...a whole bunch of images just floods in my head.

You should try that too sometimes ^^

Zhandax responds:

that, i shall... muahahaha.ha.haha.ha.


2008-11-08 11:30:37

Wats up? Hey, if you need help on anything, it's Mr.M, and i'll help you with anything you need pal!